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5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Case Study with Proply

by Proply

Now that you’ve started creating your first proposal with Proply, let’s talk Case Studies. These are an integral part of any effective proposal as they highlight past successes and strategies. Case studies can be created within the proposal builder, or individually, using the Case Studies module on the left hand side of the Dashboard.

Follow these five easy steps and you’ll have your first Case Study completed and ready to integrate in no time.

Step One: Outline
The first thing to add is a catchy heading, sale price and the length of sale.

Step Two: Sales Strategies

The next step is adding sales strategies. You have the option to add as many items as is needed, including the cost of each item. This section also allows a total cost, profit margin and Return on Investment.


Step Three: Photo Gallery

Proply allows for a gallery of property photos to be featured within each case study. These can be uploaded directly from your computer or mobile phone.


Step Four: Additional Details

Next, you are able to include any additional details on the property or its sales campaign.



Step Five: Testimonials

The final step allows you to add a testimonial from your vendor on the property or sale. This will tie your Case Study together and outline the success of your strategies. Hit “save case” and that’s it!

Now you’re ready to construct seamless Case Studies to add to your proposal. Once you’ve completed a Case Study you can use it in all future proposals.

Case Studies are just one of the easily integrated features Proply offers to create stunning, industry standard proposals.


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