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5 first impressions that will make potential clients say “Bye!”

by Proply

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Here’s a stat that will get your blood pumping: it takes just 0.05 seconds for a user to form an opinion about a website.

You read that right. In less than a second, people decide whether or not that information is useful to them. And if they decide it’s not useful, they’re likely not sticking around to have that opinion disproved.

That’s the reality of today’s fast-paced world. First impressions are more important than ever. It’s also why a real estate proposal needs to be immediately engrossing. Getting someone to stay on your website is one thing, but getting them to trust you with their property is quite another.

Wishing you could increase your conversions with your proposals? Look out for these five mistakes that leave a bad first impression with potential clients.


  1. Not tech-friendly

Whether we like it or not, most of us now access our information online. Suffice to say, most modern clients won’t favour a real estate proposal that was created on outdated software or simply isn’t compatible with a smartphone. On the other hand, Proply proposals are responsive, meaning they can be viewed and interacted with on any device (you don’t need an app, just a browser). Our proposals look pretty slick for a modern audience, but rest assured they are also super simple to use.


  1. Clunky formatting

Get this: research shows that 94% of negative website feedback is design-related. You may have the most engaging copy in the world, but the design of your real estate proposal isn’t allowing it to shine. People like to judge a book by its cover, so make sure that cover looks good. We spent a lot of time getting the design of Proply proposals just right. As such, you can choose from six stunning, customisable templates. Check out a sample proposal here.


  1. No interactivity

It’s 2019. We expect to have the information at our fingertips and not to have to go too far to get it! That’s why we made sure our proposals are fully embeddable with links and even Google maps. Remember, the less work the client has to do, the better.


  1. Lack of information

We get it. You’re juggling multiple proposals and research takes up a large chunk of your time. But concrete information (particularly numbers) is essential for getting customers over the line. Proply is fully integrated with Domain Pricefinder’s data product, so proposals are automatically populated with up-to-date stats on how much similar properties in the area have sold for. It’s one of the features we’re most proud of – it makes life so easy!


  1. Difficult call to action

Say your client gets all the way down to the end of your proposal. It’s all good, they’re ready to convert… but then they see a phone number or email address. They’re busy right now, so they make a mental note to follow up later. And then they never do. We’ve tapped into today’s impulse-buying culture by including an online Accept button on our proposals. That way the client is ready whenever you are.


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