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5 advantages of a paperless office (+ how you can start today)

by Proply

shredder and computerA paperless office sounds like a mystical concept. Can anyone really go paper-free?

Rest assured, a paperless office is simply one that limits paper as much as it can (going completely paper-free is impossible for most, even if you are an eco-warrior!). And it’s also much easier than you’d think. We’ve rounded up five benefits of a paperless office that you can start putting into practice today.

  1. Help the environment

This is the number one advantage of going paperless because it affects all of us. Trees are pretty great – they remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and release oxygen – but they’re also a finite resource. According to Planet Ark, Australian homes and offices use approximately 2.4 million tonnes of paper per year for printing, writing and reading alone. That’s a lot of trees!

Reducing your paper usage is a simple way to reduce your office carbon footprint. Not only are you helping to save a tree, but you’re also helping to cut back on all the water, fossil fuels and transportation that goes into making paper (just one A4 sheet can take 10 litres of water to make).


  1. Keep personal information secure

Say goodbye to the days of the shredder. In general, storing your sensitive information with document management software is much safer than having a bunch of folders and papers lying about. For example, all information you add to Proply is secure and protected (we take your privacy very seriously).


  1. Save space and costs

Paper piles up pretty quickly. It’s nice to get rid of all those clunky cabinets for a digitised file system. Plus, you’ll save plenty of money on paper and printing (ink cartridges are so expensive, right?).


  1. Boost workflow

A paperless office can save you time too (we’re not just talking about the time you spend trying to figure out how to fix a paper jam). Digital files are quickly organised, accessed and shared. Proply allows multiple assistants – even on the free plan – to make proposals on behalf of the agent, ensuring an efficient and collaborative process.


  1. Instant gratification

One thing you can’t get with paper is immediacy, and that’s a problem in today’s “I want it now” world. Proply was developed to help you win bigger and faster – with our online Accept button, potential clients can instantly accept your proposal, sending you a realtime notification.

And there are additional perks to making your real estate proposals online – beautiful formatting, integration with data products such as Domain Pricefinder and Google Maps, dashboard analytics and much more. If there’s one thing you make paperless today, try Proply proposals – it’s completely free to get started.


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