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4 ways to get the most out of Proply… from our customers!

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A lot of thought went into the creation and development of Proply – literally, we debated every single button. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what we think of Proply or how we intended features to be used, it’s all about what you – our customers – feel about it, and more importantly, whether it’s actually boosting business.

So naturally, we asked you guys what you thought! We’re BIG on customer feedback (ever noticed the feedback button in the right-hand corner?) and we love hearing about how real estate agents are actually using Proply.

Here’s what 4 real estate agents had to say…


Getting the right look

Like us, Kyle Davey from PRDWhitsundays cares about his clients, so it was important for him to make sure clients responded well to his Proply proposals. Davey told us this:

“The most common feedback [I get] is the presentation is very professional. The fact that everything is in a logical sequence is one of my favourite features. Plus, the ability to attach both photo and video is next level!

And what surprised me about Proply was the ease at which almost everyone has been able to use the product – both from an agent and a client point of view.”

First impressions are paramount in the real estate biz but with our 6 beautiful proposal templates, getting the right look was a piece of cake for Davey. Curious to see what we’re talking about? You can view a sample proposal here.


Closing the distance

It’s no secret that foreign investment is big in real estate. Not to mention, many people are now looking to move to other cities and states. So, it can be tough to make the same kind of impression or provide the same level of service for out-of-towners.

Kate Trickey of Caine Real Estate had this to say about it: “Proply deals with a couple of issues that we tackle when it comes to delivering reports and dealing with vendors. First, dealing with overseas owners who can’t necessarily come into the office and look at collateral with us – it bridged that gap for us.”

Likewise, Davey adds, “Most of my vendors are out of town so this has made it much easier to provide the presentation in a professional layout that is more than just an email with a CMA attached.”

Ah, the power of technology and the internet! We love that Proply helps real estate agents reach people they couldn’t before.


Time is everything

This is the one comment that we receive time and time again (no pun intended). Here’s what real estate agent, Adam Whitford, had to say:

“Time is probably the most valuable commodity at the minute… Anything that we can do to sort of gives us more time with the client, rather than sitting back at the office, I think is a big plus.”

“Now I can prepare a proposal before I even go see the potential sellers. And then I can get back and I can either jump on the laptop in the car, or I can swing back to the office and I can fine tune the details around price and other sales information if I need to.”

This is all thanks to Proply’s easy-to-use templates and the handy duplicate button on both proposals and case studies. The Pricefinder integration also helps to quickly input property details.


Peace of mind

With real estate proposals, it all ultimately comes down to whether the client will accept. But it’s not always as straightforward as a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Principal Agent of LJ Hooker Collaroy, Andrew Strong shares with us:

“As a salesperson, you want to know if you have won the listing. It can be frustrating when you’re kept in the dark for a day, a week or a month, depending on the timing of the deal. Proply helps to shed some light on how the vendor is interacting with the proposal.”

We share the pain – so much so that we talked all about it in a blog here. Not only do you get notified when a client clicks “accept”, but also when vendors view your proposal too so that you know when to follow-up.

How are you getting along with Proply? Email us at info@ with your feedback – the good and the bad. We truly appreciate every comment we receive because it helps us make Proply better!

Haven’t tried Proply yet? Give it a try for free! We’ve got a 30-day trial and you don’t need to input any credit card details to start.

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