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4 things we’ve snuck into Proply that you may have missed

by Proply

So, yeah, we may be a little nerdy, but we froth over tech advancements and products that work seamlessly, sliding right into our lives like we’ve never ever lived a day without them (but we reckon we all love a product like that). We’ve snuck a couple of nifty features into Proply that we don’t normally boast about; but that you actually might just want to hear about. So here goes…

No startup fees – nix, nada, zero!

We want using Proply to be easy as pie. No startup fees mean you can get straight to the important stuff. Who actually wants to pay for something to be set up? We know that charging setup fees may actually be common practice, but it’s a “no” from us! Nope, at Proply there’s no charge because there isn’t any set up to charge you for, it’s all there, ready to use. Nothing to build, no complicated induction process. Just fill in the blanks and send those proposals. No set up required.

adjective: turn-key [turn-kee]

  1. of or involving the provision of a complete product or service that is ready for immediate use.
  2. fully equipped; ready to go into operation

Turn that key!

Try it out without handing over credit card details

Don’t you just hate it when you want to try a shiny new tool or piece of software, BUT you’re blocked by walled gardens and have to give up information dating back to 1987, including the name of your neighbour’s fluffy little poodle. It dampens the whole exciting process of finding and trying something new, right? We’ve also said no to this from day dot. If we get frustrated by this, we certainly don’t want you guys to be frustrated by it.

Real-Time Notifications

Ever wondered if your client has even looked at that proposal you poured yourself into? Agonise no more! Our real-time notifications function lets you know as soon as they have opened and looked at the proposal – here a well-timed call could make all the difference. No more guesswork. How does it work? Simple really. We’ll send you an email the moment your client lays eyes on your (beautifully put together) proposal.

Rental Proposals

You guys have been asking for this feature. We listened and have been working hard in the background to create it for you. And guess what?! It’s ready! We’ve snuck it into our system (you might have already had a chance to experiment with it). It has the same intuitive user interface and Pricefinder integration. But the best part is that there is no extra charge to your Proply subscription, you can literally log in and use it now. If you’re not already a member, you can still try it for free here

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