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4 creative ways for real estate agents to generate more leads

by Proply


Gone are the days of cold calls and direct mail ads. Not only are these methods time consuming and costly, but they’re also becoming largely ineffective. Consumers are becoming more cynical towards traditional and generic marketing, while real estate agents are running short on time and resources in a high-pressure market. Change things up with these 4 creative ways to generate more vendor leads…


Chat(bot) it up

If you only think of leads as email addresses and phone numbers, you’re going to miss out on a whole world of potential clients. Chatbots, like Facebook Messenger Bots, can let you engage people who visit your website or Facebook Page without requiring personal contact information. This means the next time a potential customer looks at your website, a bot can do all the upfront heavy-lifting in the sales process by answering questions, filtering out irrelevant leads, and booking appointments for you. How nifty is that?


Smarter targeting

Digital advertising platforms are smarter than ever, so make sure you’re caught up on the latest tricks! Think about who your customers are and segment them into groups. Chances are, one of the big advertising platforms will be able to target those exact people. You can also retarget people who have visited your website and create ‘lookalike audiences’ (people who have similar attributes to those who visit your website). If you’re on a Proply Enterprise Plan, you can even insert Google Tag Manager to track people who look at your real estate proposals.


Attract with magnets

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could flip the script and have leads come to you? Well, with ‘lead magnets’, you can. Lead magnets are incentives for potential customers in exchange for their contact information. They usually come in the form of downloadable, digital assets, such as eBooks, checklists, reports, whitepapers – you name it! The trick is to present something genuinely insightful and helpful. Think about what your customer would want to know in relation to your business, and cater to that.


Be my guest

If you’re more of a phones-down, face-to-face type of person, then you may want to consider hosting local events for building up that database and meeting potential clients. The event doesn’t have to be directly related to real estate. Again, think about what your customers are interested in and focus on your area of expertise. Dog-walking, craft beer tasting, sports… the possibilities are endless! You could also partner with local businesses to help drive traffic and organise the event.


Now that more leads are coming in…

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