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3 things you should always include in your proposals

by Proply

PROPLY - 3 things you should always include in your proposals

If you’ve been using Proply for a while, you’re probably already familiar with its stylish format and cutting-edge interactive features.

But to ensure you’re setting yourself up for success with each proposal you send, there are a few key elements that you should always make sure you feature…


The numbers.

While we agree that content is king and your words must certainly be compelling, when it comes to the real estate market, it’s your numbers that speak volumes. No matter which level of Proply membership you have, the great news is that you can integrate data directly from Domain Pricefinder into your proposal, meaning that potential clients can be more easily won over by reviewing comparative prices for similar properties in their area.


Case studies.

Like many industries, real estate is built on a foundation of trust – so no matter how confident you are that your client will earn a return on their investment, you still need to prove it. Including case studies are therefore an integral piece of the proposal puzzle as they help to ‘show’ rather than tell. With Proply, it’s easier than ever to include compelling testimonials in your proposals too, as you can even load case studies into a bank to pull from at a later date. Simple.


A call to action.

We all know how effective marketing can be when there is a clear call to action provided – so ensure that you sign off every proposal you create with a clear, and LOUD call to action. With Proply, the online ‘Accept’ button is one of its greatest features as it means that your client is able to take action immediately upon receipt of your proposal. Even better? Once your client accepts, you’ll also receive alerts in real time, meaning that you can close the deal even more quickly.

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Now that you’re up to date with the features you should be including in every single one of your real estate proposals, why not give Proply a go and automate the process?

Proply is free to try – you don’t even need a credit card to sign up. If you’d like to know more about Proply real estate proposals, don’t hesitate to drop us a line at info@

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