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3 speedy ways to generate more leads

by Proply

Proply - 3 speedy ways to generate more sales leads

These days, we’re bombarded with marketing everywhere we look. And as a result, customers have naturally become more discerning, responding only to content and marketing that’s super engaging – leaving the rest on the shelf.

So, this means that when you’re trying to generate more leads, cold calls, spammy junk mail and expensive print material simply isn’t going to provide you with a positive return on your investment.

If you’re looking for some more effective (and speedier!) ways to generate more leads, why not try the following…


Boost your social media presence

Can your current clients (or potential future clients) find you on social media? Yes? No? If not, then the first step is to establish your social media presence. Whether you work on your own or within a larger agency environment, it’s important that any potential clients can quickly find you on social media to look at examples of your past work and get a feel for whether what you’re selling vibes with them. If you’ve already got your social sorted – but you’re still struggling to get leads – it’s time to up the engagement! People often make the mistake of sitting idle on social media, thinking that posting the odd pic to Instagram is enough. In reality, social media provides a great way to network. If you engage with clients on social media, then their network is more likely to see your content and reach out with potential opportunities.


Be smarter about targeting

Did you know that you can segment your customers into groups and then use one of the big advertising platforms to target those people directly? What’s really cool is that you can also retarget people who have previously visited your website and, even create what’s known as ‘lookalike audiences’ – meaning you can target people who haven’t yet visited your site, but kind of ‘look’ like the people who have. Nifty, huh? If you’re an Enterprise user with Proply, you can also use Google Tag Manager to track people who have looked at your proposals.


Be consistent with your branding

Customers tend to respond to authenticity, which means your branding needs to be clear and consistent across every touchpoint. If you’re sending mixed messages, you’re less likely to generate quality leads as it’s unclear who you’re speaking to. When you’re developing your branding, put yourself in your customer’s shoes and try to offer real, tangible solutions to their problems. You don’t need to be everything to everyone either, be consistent and your ideal customer will come to you.


Now that you’ve sorted out your leads…

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