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3 reasons why your real estate proposals are getting ‘ghosted’ (and how to avoid it)

by Proply

What’s worse than getting rejected? Getting nothing at all.

Of all the harsh realities of winning real estate proposals, the one that probably pains us the most is getting completely ignored and ghosted. After all, you’ve put in all that hard work and long hours, the least you could receive is some acknowledgement or constructive criticism in return.

We’ve gathered some of the top reasons why you’re getting blown off (and how to tackle them):


A little too late

Timing is everything when it comes to any sales process, but it’s especially true for real estate proposals. The real estate game may be thrilling to you, but if we’re being honest, it’s not a process that’s particularly “fun” for a lot of vendors (to put it lightly). Some homeowners looking to sell just want to get it over and done with as quickly as possible.

So, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a lot of agents lose real estate deals simply because they were too late to hit send. A few hours could be the deciding factor between being considered and disregarded.

Solution: Always be one step ahead of the competition by ensuring your proposal-making process is as simple and efficient as possible. But we know you’ve got this one down with Proply’s easy proposal creation and duplication features.


Out of sight, out of mind

On the flipside, some vendors are slower to move ahead than others. Life can be chaotic, and chances are, your emails and voice messages are being buried. They’re not ignoring you, they’ve forgotten you.

Or your prospect is simply procrastinating (hey, we’ve all been there).

But it’s the job of the real estate agent to stand out and remind vendors of your proposal, without being a naggy salesperson. It’s a tough balance, but it can be done!

Solution: Apart from the usual email or voice message to follow-up on proposals, start incorporating more tech-savvy methods, like keeping your social media active and pushing remarketing ads. This way, you’ll be in the social media feeds of your prospects and subconsciously reminding them of you. It’s easier to do than you think.


Where do I sign?

Imagine selling your home for the first time – daunting isn’t it? And you’ll know this, because of the amount of information you need to provide to ensure all the t’s are crossed and i’s are dotted.

With the overwhelming amount of nitty-gritty details in a proposal, it’s important to not only make it easy to digest but also make sure the next step required of the vendor is as simple as possible.

Solution: Take the guesswork out of accepting or providing feedback on a proposal. End your emails with a clear call-to-action so that it doesn’t get lost. Or don’t do anything at all since your Proply proposals come with a simple “Accept” and “Request a Callback” button.


Now that you’re clued in on the reasons why real estate agents get ghosted, you’ll know what to do for your next proposal.

Go the extra mile and be prepared with Proply’s real estate proposal features. Give it a try for free (no credit card required to register).

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