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3 reasons why your real estate proposal didn’t work (+ solutions!)

by Proply


Real estate proposals take a lot of time, effort, research and networking.

Which is why it can be frustrating and disheartening if your real estate proposals are not returning the results you want. The documentation is professional and well-worded, so what’s going on? Here are some issues that might be impeding your progress.

Problem: It’s not moving fast enough

It’s 2018. Things are already moving at a breakneck speed, which puts even more pressure on real estate agents. By the time you’ve set up a meeting, sent over the paperwork and confirmed the contract, the client may have already moved on.

Solution: Get online

Nothing moves faster than the internet. The Proply app allows you to send proposals instantly with the click of a button (or tap of a finger). Plus, potential clients can even accept a proposal instantly, sending you an email alert so you’ll never miss a beat.

Problem: The formatting is dated

A picture tells a thousand words. Even if your proposal has the most engaging copy, it might not get a second look if it doesn’t have the aesthetic to match. After all, when it comes to real estate, looks really do matter.

Solution: Slick it up

If you’re looking to create a proposal that looks polished and professional, you won’t do better than Proply. With six stylish themes, you can customise to your liking with photos, interactive maps and more. And best of all, they are simple and quick to create. Have a look at a sample Proply proposal here.

Problem: They don’t know what you can do

Real estate is a business that is built on trust. If this is a new client who does not know you or your work, they may be understandably less inclined to invest their time and money.

Solution: Build a bank of case studies

A selection of well-crafted case studies can help seal the deal. Proply proposals have an inbuilt case study feature, where you can add photos, testimonials and a pricing breakdown. Plus, you can save the case studies in the app, so you don’t have to create them from scratch for each proposal.

Ready to take it to the next level?

Proply is the first web-based proposal app for real estate agents to vendors and landlords. It is designed to make business as efficient as possible, with interactive proposals, real-time acceptance and alerts, analytics and social media remarketing. Let’s just say, it’s got it all!

It’s 100% free to get started, with not even a credit card required. Try it today and see what a difference Proply can make.

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