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3 big questions we get on our Knowledge Base

by Proply

By now, I’m sure you guys get the gist that we try to be a pretty supportive bunch. Whether you’re signed up with a Proply account or just visiting the site, we’re here to help. And when you’re a Proply subscriber, the support gets even better and more robust with our extensive knowledge base (or as we like to call it: the fountain of knowledge). So we thought we share 3 of our most popular questions (and answers) published on our knowledge base

My lovely agency logo isn’t looking good, please help?

Ah yes, this is our fave because it’s a cinch in fix. In short, if your logo doesn’t quite look right (it can sometimes look like it’s getting cut off), simply give it a bit more room (also known as padding among the tech whiz kids) and re-upload it. A quick resize in Photoshop will get the job done. But if you don’t have access to photoshop within your office, never fear, there are plenty of other online image editing tools that can help, including Canva, ResizeImage.net, picresize and befunky.

Link to learn more: https://proplyapp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000524356-Images-in-Proply

I need all the info at my fingertips – gimme, gimme, gimme!

Your wish is our command… Your Proply dashboard can be accessed from the left-hand navigation menu once you’re logged in. It gives you a snapshot of the following:

  • Accepted Proposals – A summary of the proposals that have been accepted.
  • Requests for Callback – A list of vendors that have requested a callback from a proposal.
  • Published Proposals – The proposals that you’ve published.
  • Sent vs Accepted Proposals – Your month to date proposal conversion rate.

In each of the above sections, you can click the eye icon to view that particular proposal.

To see more of the proposals under each of the sections, click the View All button.

Link to learn more: https://proplyapp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000379576-Proply-Dashboard

How do you guys pack all that property information into Proply?

Proply’s deep integration with Domain’s Pricefinder means that Proply users can quickly and easily insert comparable sales and rentals into their proposals with just the click of a button.

There is no additional charge for the use of this integration – all Proply users automatically get access to this integration, with no setup required. How’s that!?!

Link to learn more: https://proplyapp.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000409696-Using-the-Pricefinder-integration


Have you tried Proply out yet? There are a load more nifty features for you to try out. If you haven’t already signed up (where have you been?!?) you can do so for free. That’s ZERO Dollars, nix, nada. And we don’t even ask you for your credit card details (we try to not be annoying like that).

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