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1 proposal, 5 powerful integrations

by Proply


When you sign up with Proply, you’re not just reaping the benefits of our stylish, foolproof online real estate proposals.

Proply is powered by several world-class technologies, bringing all the features you need to network and win proposals together in one handy place. Here are five ways Proply is integrated with industry-standard tech – you can’t get that on a traditional real estate proposal!


  1. Domain Pricefinder

Proply is deeply integrated with Domain’s Pricefinder data product. This allows you to populate your proposal with the most up-to-date sales data with just the click of a button, saving you lots of time and research. You can filter and edit data, and even search for a specific address to find a comparable sale with Proply. This feature is included on ALL Proply memberships, even the free trial. You don’t even need a Pricefinder membership to take advantage (the app already pays for itself!).


  1. Facebook Business

If you want to be top of mind all the time, the premium Proply Enterprise membership is for you. With Facebook retargeting including in this package, you’ll be able to serve unobtrusive ads to users who have already visited your proposal but not converted. You can also track the ad performance using our live analytics dashboard, making it easier for you to refine and remarket to your audience.


  1. Google Tag Manager

The Enterprise membership also includes access to Google Tag Manager. All you have to do is input a code to your Proply account (it’s simple) and you will be able to target leads and serve personalised ads. Some advertising platforms will even serve ads to people with similar demographics and interests as your vendors, so you can build brand awareness and win more business.


  1. Google Maps

A map of the property location is essential on any proposal, which is why we’ve gone one better. With Google Maps integration, you can punch in any address to insert a live, interactive map. Our custom Google maps style also flows beautifully within the design of the proposal.


  1. And even more…

Proply is also integrated with Twitter and LinkedIn, allowing you to share straight onto your professional social media channels. This feature is available on the Elite membership plan.


Discover Proply today

The best part about Proply’s tech integration is it works for you, not the other way around. You don’t need any special skills or equipment for you or your clients to use it – Proply (and its integrations) works with all computers, tablets and smartphones. Sign up to the free Rookie membership today to see just how simple it is to create winning proposals within the Proply app.

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