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$1.3 million reasons to use Proply

by Proply


Ask auctioneer and Hudson McHugh director James Price to summarise Sydney-based Real Estate agents, and he will tell you they habitually fall into one of two classes.

“They’re either very good, and they work very hard, or they’re notoriously lazy. And, as a result, their proposals might be a quick email saying, ‘This is the price, this is what we think you should spend on marketing, bang, bang, bang, ’ and that’s it,” he said.

“Most agents don’t do much at all.”

So when it came time to follow up a cold lead for a $1.3 million property on Francis Street, Leichhardt, Price and his team knew they had to embrace new technologies to gain that all important competitive advantage.

Eager to try web-based app Proply, the team at Hudson McHugh soon learned that they didn’t have to spend a lot of time working on the proposal before it began to resemble something unique.

“Creating submissions is not something we were good at… As a business, we would ebb and flow between the quality of submissions we were sending out. “Sometimes it would take three or four collective hours to source the comparables and to put a VPA marketing plan together. And in the end it was just a Word document sent as a PDF.”

Price says it took less than one day to create a beautiful web-based proposal and win the listing using Proply, receiving an email notification and SMS once the vendor clicked the accept button.

“I knew [Proply] would take me far less time to put this home together and get it out to the client than it would if I was mucking around trying to do a PDF version.”

According to Proply founder and CEO Geoff Lewis, saving time is at the core of the product’s design.

“Real estate is fast and agents are busy. No one has time for another technology product unless it is easy to use and adds immediate value. Our Beta rollout is the result of extensive market research into what our agents wanted to create beautiful proposals, fast. How they wanted to interact with their vendors in a digital age and how this is going to support them to win listings.”

While vendors often demand everything faster than ever before, Price believes that Proply is one asset in his growing agency’s toolbox that helps his team to grow their business.

“Sometimes the client is going to be just purely price based and they just want to know how much it’s going to cost them and then they can make a decision based on some other variables.”

“…if a client is like the person on Francis Street that really appreciates [the effort], then we’re not polarising, we’re just sending out a quality, uniform document every single time.”

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James Price, auctioneer & director of Hudson McHugh.

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